The Makers Of Roomba To Produce A Robot Lawnmower

The Makers Of Roomba To Produce A Robot Lawnmower

340826-irobot-roomba-880-vacuum-cleaning-robot-angleOne of the most cleverest inventions that we have had for a while now is the automatic vacuum cleaner, you leave it in your room while you are at work, college, or simply just out, and this will clean the room for you. It moves around and centres where the walls are and it will continue to move around while it covers the entire surface of the floor so you return home to a clean room.

iRobot, the people who made the Roomba have now got to government approval by the FCC to build a hands-free lawnmower.

Although the specifics have not been emerged yet, we assume that the mechanics of the device will be similar to that of the Roomba.

Bosch, the hardware manufacturer, have already beaten iRobot to the market with their device.

Having an automatic lawnmower will be a very cool gadget to have. Imagine mowing the lawn while sitting there enjoy a beer and a nice hot summers afternoon rather than slugging away with your manual lawnmower for the best part of the afternoon and then you can get to enjoy your beer.

The mower is still a fair bit away before reaching consumers, while they have been given the green light to go ahead and begin production, the chances are testing and things like this will take at least a year if not longer.

Having a quality invention obviously takes time. If it is rushed, the chances are that the quality will heavily suffer.

Personally, I am going to wait for this lawnmower to be released before I buy my next one as, if it is anything like Roomba, then I know for a fact that it will be a very high quality product even though it will be an expensive buy.

For now I have a very good, in fact, rated as the best electric lawn mower which I got from the recommendation of a website ( – this is a very good site which has comparison tables as well as detailed reviews. From all of the sites that I checked when buying a lawn mower, seemed to have the most detailed line up of the best lawn mowers in 2015.

On the subject of mowing the lawn, one of the coolest things (well, technically the warmest) is a good hot tub! has a good line up of inflatable hot tub reviews. We have a very nice Lay-Z-Space 6 person inflatable hot tub which was recommended by the same site, and let me tell you, well worth the investment!

The Coolest Way To Travel Around

Up until now the only where are used to travel was a bike I have always been a fan of riding my bike.

Not only do you get a good workout, but you also are exposed to fresh air, you enjoy the wildlife-depending on where you live and you are just free when travelling on the bike.

There is nothing quite like enjoying fresh air, or the sunshine when it’s warm outside and you are riding your bike.

Well travelling on the bike is a very good way to get around it is always advised to take precautions such as a helmet and, if you don’t want to look too silly, then elbow pads and kneepads for added protection.

While travelling in a car is quicker and more efficient when it comes to time, you simply do not get the fresh air into your lungs nor the vitamin D from the sun shine onto your skin.

I have recently discovered a brand-new way to travel outdoors which is not only cool but also very efficient and I have to make very little effort from my own physical body.

These are known as Swegway boards, also known as self balancing scooters. You can find Segways / hoverboards as well as hoverkarts for sale in most hardware or sports stores, if you are too lazy to go out, then they are certainly available at Amazon or you can find more info on Facebook.

These boards are very cool, they basically consist of two wheels and a board and you just travel. You control the board, and the tires with your feet.

In a nutshell, your left foot controls the left wheel and the right foot controls the right wheel so when your right foot tilts forwards the right wheel moves forwards. And this is how you control direction and speed of travel.

Of course they do take a little bit of getting used to with regards to your balance and control. But, as with anything, practice makes perfect. It is no different to riding a bike for the first time because you have no experience of balancing on a bike, you do need some practice, this is why they start with training wheels.

The other thing that I contemplated buying is an electric bike. Now these are very cool because they are just like ordinary bikes with the addition that they are also battery operated. The best electric bike will have a powerful battery and, like any quality bike, a strong but light frame.

So when you get tired of writing you simply switch over to battery mode and the motor how was the bike so you don’t have to do any of the writing, the battery does it for you.

This would come in handy because I already do you like riding my bike and sometimes do get tired of riding my bike, and this way I can switch onto the battery mode and have it automatic.

You can also get electric mountain bikes as well as electric folding bikes. Or if you are feeling adventurous then you can buy an electric bike conversion kit and turn your existing bike into and electric one. You can find reviews for electric bikes here

While on the subject of bikes, I was also looking at a bike trainer, otherwise known as a turbo trainer. This was mostly because I wanted to be able to ride my bike or at least get a bike work out in the comfort of my own home. This was especially useful when it was raining outside.

A bike trainer is a device where you sit your bike, it’s rear wheels, and sometimes also the front wheels onto a “stand” and you can ride it as if you are riding outside.

I checked out a few reviews and was very excited about one particular model. You can find the best turbo trainer at

That pretty much sums it up for today’s post, I just wanted to share some of the things that I like and, well, if you have any experience with the boards or the bikes then do let me know.

It is always good to work out. And always better to work out outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

Locks To Be Secured


We value our possessions, our homes and everything in them.

Home security is a subject which is extremely sensitive because it underlines the safety of our lives, the lives of our loved ones and our most valued material things.

Having a good quality lock, while maybe a little expensive, is in fact priceless. You cant put a price on your life, your family and  your memories.

Locksmiths are experts at fitting locks and other security goods around the home. locks

Looking for a good locksmith can be quite challenging as you need to make sure they are not only trustworthy, but also that they have the correct certifications such as they are CRB checked and dont have a criminal record. are Locksmiths based in Epsom, Surrey and are renowned for their quality of work, affordable rates and a reliable service in the local area. They will give you free advice and are backed by a very strong work force who are sure to solve all of your security requirements.

If you require a good quality locksmith, be sure to check the local business directory and always ensure you read customer reviews and, if need be, ask for references. The references are extremely valuable, especially for larger jobs.


Self-healing iPhone case

Self-healing iPhone case

LG revealed, in 2013, a smart phone called the G Flex. This was a pioneering invention of the time because it was one of the first of its content to feature the flexible display. At the time of this announcement many of us were very excited to learn more and possibly even get one for ourselves.

One of the things that were not publicised about the G Flex was the fact that this screen featured a special coating which slowly healed itself from scratches and other scuffs to the screen. Why they did not publicise this feature, I do not know because it is such an awesome feature to have.

Third-party iPhone case manufacturers, have now taken on this technology and are starting to create iPhone cases which heal instantly within the second of being scratched.

Besides the unique ability to be able to self-heal from deeper scratches, this invention also offers healing almost instantly from light scratches.

The cases are not available for purchase just yet I will not be for a period of time. This could be over next couple of months, may even be up to a year.

We don’t know too much about these cases just yet with regards to the pricing, what we do know is that they will be at around $30 each which, is not a bad price at all considering some of the higher quality iPhone cases that are currently on the market or around about that size and do not self heal.

These cases will be available to be purchased from Amazon in the US so if you are outside of the US you may want to look at having the cases imported as I’m sure local suppliers will be buying these cases within your country, and then selling them on for a profit.

I am actually quite excited about this case as my cases do get scratched a fair bit so bring them on!

GameBoy iPhone add-on coming soon

GameBoy iPhone add-on coming soon

If, like me, you are old enough to remember the GameBoy craze back several decades ago now then you know how cool those things were. If you happen to pick one up and play it now, it will not look nearly as half as cool as it did back then. This is because we now have amazing graphics on the smart phone which were not possible even in the dedicated gaming device back when I was a child.

Hyperkin, a video game accessory company has released some concept art as teasers for a device which they have called SmartBoy.

This device will allow you to insert your iPhone inside of it so you can play old school games that were originally GameBoy games and also GameBoy colour games.

We have not been given a date as to when this device will hit the markets but it is said to be over the next several months.

The idea of this device does seem very tempting and is something that has got me very excited and I am looking forward to getting me one of these so I can start playing my old school games.

While the graphics of the classic GameBoy were not nearly as good as the graphics that we have for the iPhone and any other device that we use today, the charm will certainly there in all of the classic games.

In particular it was super Mario Bros which was possibly one of the best classic games ever to be made and this is what gave Nintendo that massive leap which turned them into the Giants or video gaming in the 80s and 90s.

Sega soon caught up with them with classics like sonic the hedgehog and other games in the Sonic genre.

Either way when the SmartBoy comes out I am definitely going to get me one of these they are very cool and is that feel and touch of the GameBoy that I’m most looking forward to.

Intel bring us HDMI stick which turns any TV into a Windows desktop at only $150

Intel bring us HDMI stick which turns any TV into a Windows desktop at only $150

Even if you don’t have Internet connection on your television with the use of this clever little HDMI stick, you can turn it into a working PC.

Using this stick which plugs into the side of your television, you are able to view and stream videos online from services like Netflix and YouTube.

This tickets off is very affordable at just $150, despise you a full working version of Windows 8.1 in its original form.

Distich known as the Intel computer stick is a HDMI dongle which carries with it a complete desktop PC experience.

For the size of it you’re not going to get an extremely powerful super PC. Which is almost expected, however you will get a decent 2 GB of ram 1.33 GHz Intel atom processor and 32 GB of a solid-state storage hard drive. It also comes fully equipped with Wi-Fi Bluetooth and USB as well as microSD card slot for instant connectivity.

Not intended for gaming or anything which is resource heavy, this dongle is perfect for your basic office tasks as well as browsing the Internet and streaming movies and music on the web.

For small businesses as well as homes it is an ideal tool would save you buying a complete PC and, the best part of it is that it is completely portable.

It would be ideal for those of us who travel a lot because all you need to do is carry distich along with a mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard, most hotels have a television with the USB connectivity so you literally just connect the device into the TV and you have a working PC this will be enough to check emails browse the web create and edit documents and do other things that you normally do with a normal PC.

LG invented a bendable TV that sticks to your wall

LG invented a bendable TV that sticks to your wall

If you asked me 10 years ago who LG were I wouldn’t have been able to give you an answer because I wouldn’t have known who LG were. That is the truth.

Over the last decade LG have grown massively and have taken over some of the big names in the entertainment, electronic industry like Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung.

LG have worked very hard to get where they are today and certainly deserve the success that they have achieved. I myself, have an LG television in my room, and it is a very good TV. The sound is not as good as the Panasonic television downstairs because the LG does lack some base but the picture quality is amazing.

At events early this year the South Korean electronics giant manufacturer showed their incredibly thin 55 inch TV which has the famous flexible screen that you can literally press on to your walls using magnets.

At this stage it is a concept and we don’t know if something like this is going to be available over the next couple of years. Having said that the fact that we have seen a concept at this stage and it is from LG I am very confident that we will see something like this in the not too distant future.

LG is going to continue to make OLED screens for product as we delve into the future.

The total thickness for the television showcased at the event is less than a millimetre in thickness. Attaching this to your wall will be very similar to put a wallpaper on the wall. The wallpaper in the form of the television crazy hah ha ha.

This is one of the inventions I am very excited about and do look forward to reading more about. Although the television is not something that you carry around, I am just intrigued to see the flat screen which is so thin.

Disney Selling Millennium Falcon Drone

Disney Selling Millennium Falcon Drone

Selling anything to do with Star Wars is a very lucrative venture. There are so many Star Wars fans out there, not just your pass by Star Wars fan, but these are real hard-core Star Wars fans so much so that they would dress up and go to events conventions, and other like things.

Star Wars has almost become a cult in another itself. Disney know this which is why they bought the rights from George Lucas at a very very generous price. As we lean closer and closer towards the release of the new Star Wars movie, The force awakens, Disney announce that they will be selling a drone which resembles the famous spaceship, millennium falcon.

Not only the millennium falcon, they also have an X-wing starfighter, being a Star Wars fan this has peaked my interest massively.

With minimal assembly and very easily you can put together and launch to fly these very cool toys. We will call them toys for grown-ups, and this makes me, as a 28-year-old, feel better for playing with these ha ha.

The Millennium Falcon happens to be a quad copter drone. The drone itself has four propellers which are embedded into the body of the drone. The beauty of this is that it is made from a high density foam material, this way if it takes knocks and bashes it will not kill the product totally.

I was very close to buying a drone a few months ago because, let’s face it, they are very cool gadgets.

I didn’t buy one in the end, at the time I had no reason not to buy one. It is now that I realise that I didn’t buy one because I was meant to hold out for the Millennium Falcon drone as well as the X-Wing Starfighter. It is almost like it it’s fate that brought the story to me, so I can bring it to you.

A PC The Size Of A Mouse

A PC The Size Of A Mouse

A Polish software and hardware developing company has pioneered a PC which is so compact at the same time as being powerful and the whole of the PC is housed inside of the device which resembles a PC mouse.

The device known as the mouse-box is made by a software engineer are used to work for Nokia networks.

The mouse is connected to the monitor via HDMI lead and connect to the Internet using your standard typical Wi-Fi connection.

This device is truly revolutionary and the makers claim that you don’t need to buy any more devices to keep your computer at the palm of your hand, quite literally. The only other device that you would need is a keyboard and optionally and external memory drive.

By being able to put the computer inside of the mouth this essentially put together the two most powerful elements that you would use in conjunction anyway. These are the mouse and the PC.

The Mouse-Box Will have the following specifications; 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex CPU, 128 GB of flash storage drive with an optional cloud storage if needed, micro HDMI port, Wi-Fi connectivity, 2X USB 3.0 port.

The creators are currently working on a wireless mouse pad charger which will make charging the device very easy. They are also currently looking for investors, if they find the right investors they will be looking to launch in a matter of few months.

The price of the device has not yet been confirmed, but it is said to be cheap and very affordable.

When I initially saw this I thought of a Rasberry pi-like device inside of the mouse. This is essentially the PC inside the mouse.

I am actually quite excited to learn more about this, and possibly even get one for myself as it seemed like a very smart little unit. And if it is as affordable as it is made out to be then I am definitely getting one this Christmas (as long as it is out by then).

Googles Own Cellular Plan

Googles Own Cellular Plan

Starting off as just a search engine, and then offering email, and then starting to offer anything and everything else Internet related. Google are quite literally taking over the world, one Service at a time.

Google or soon to be offering a cellular network playing in the USA. This plan is intended to bridge the gap which is between the Internet itself and The mobile device which it currently dominates.

Google is currently working hard on a network which will be available in the next couple of years. This network has not been named yet, and if it has the name certainly hasn’t reached me yet.

Google already have the Google Fiber which is proving to be a very successful business venture for them, and along with the mobile cellular network they have already covered major proportion of our wireless devices.

The announcement is said to be made in the next couple of months, could even be in the next year. Google want to be able to connect the hardware with the Internet alongside the mobile network.

In doing all of the above, Google will be carrying out various experiments the mobile network is a project, which I believe Google will excel at, along with most of the things that they do.

What will Google be doing with this new network what other services will they be offering? I have no idea but I’m very interested to see what comes out of this new network.

I have a feeling that this new network will be a seamless process between the Google Fiber Wi-Fi and the data network whether it be a 3G or 4G plan, Google can make both worlds bind very nicely.

Google have also said that they do not intend to be in network operator at scale, rather they sense to drive innovations into the car system.

20,000 London Police Officers Required To Web Body Cams

20,000 London Police Officers Required To Web Body Cams

Mirror of London Boris Johnson announced earlier this year, in June 2015 to supply the majority of the Metropolitan police Department which consists of around 20,000 officers to wear body cameras.

The implementation of the body cams is set to take action over the next 10 months.

The UK is behind places like the USA and Sweden, where police officers already with these cameras on their bodies as normal protocol.

This body cam beta test would generate and produce approximately around 6000 video clips every month. This is due to complete this summer, the hardware has already showing promise in the evidence collection and improving trust in the police officers.

The trust and police officers has recently been mislaid due to some of the lesser abiding law offices and the actions they have followed. We as the general public, should be able to fully trust an officer of the law regardless of the situation and circumstances.

Admittedly the job that the police officers do is no easy task and should not be assumed to be an easy task. We do place a certain amount of responsibility and trust into the boys in blue in return we do expect safety however this has not been the case with recent news where police officers have abused the power and authority that they hold.

The original plan when it came to fruition was to distribute 20,000 cameras to police officers spanning a decade.

This plan was later scrapped and decided to roll out with a much quicker rate.

Will this make Londoners a safer place to live? I believe it will. While we should be able to trust the police officers to a certain degree, there is always those images in the back of our minds of the few less than respectable police officers.

Nerf’s Brand-New 70 MPH Guns

Nerf’s Brand-New 70 MPH Guns

I remember the days when Nerf as a brand used to mean soft and cuddly toys for children.

With Nerf’s new creation the Rival blasters, it’s clear to see that these are not just some pansy dart guns.

These guns will fire small balls which resemble golf balls boss after that except the barrel at high speed up to 70 mph.

These guns are aimed at older kids as well as adults so the market is it closed off just for children.

There will be an age limit to the guns when they hit the market as they can be dangerous even though the balls are softer than golf balls.

The golfball inspired dimples allows it to be more aerodynamic.

These guns are aimed towards tactical combat, some more of your call of duty style team on team action as opposed to just fun soft Nerf ball shooting for the younger kids.

These guns are actually very fun and very cool, and there is nothing child-like about them.

These are very innovative and cool, so this is where the child in me is very keen to use one of these in action.

Even if it is just getting together a few mates and having a capture the flag type of event or just an all out war against each other, either way these guns would make it very funny experience.

That 70 miles an hour, these balls would not cause any damage to your body. If however, you bruise easily, then you may end up with a few bruises.

When thinking about the safety, the guns also come with red and black tactical masks which protect your face eyes and allow for more of a warfare type of environment. These masks are sold separately and, like the guns, look very cool.